AD 228 | Micol @ Vertical Crypto Art
“Getting Deeper Into The NFT Subcultures”

Curious & creative mind working at the intersection of art, blockchain, and Web3. Founder and CEO of Vertical Crypto Art - a web3 native studio & artist-first community dedicated to NFTs, crypto artm and elevating web3 culture in the metaverse.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:
  • Micol working with creators in the tech industry at Facebook and Instagram
  • Artists living off of making art and tokenizing work
  • The origins of her platform, Vertical Crypto Art
  • Helping artists navigate the new territories within the NFT world
  • The online artist residency component of Vertical Crypto Art, which consists of a WEB 3.0 educational program
  • Sustainability within the NFT space
  • Artists creating art through coding, smart contracts, and the blockchain
  • The work that she’s doing in collaboration with Tezos
  • Hic Et Nunc
  • Frieze LA (Feb 17th - Feb 20th, 2022)
  • Tezos vs. Ethereum
  • Versum NFT Platform
  • The importance of properly displaying digital artworks

Artists Mentioned:
  • Sarah Zucker
  • Kevin Abosh
  • Sarah Meyohas (Founder of BitchCoin)
  • Mitchell Dan
  • Simon Danny
  • Rhea Myers
  • Sol LeWitt
  • Lucas Aguirre
  • Marjan Moghaddam
  • Manolo Gamboa Naon

Posted 2.14.2022


"I started this series as a means for exploration, an exploration of self, and an exploration of the perspectives of other artists.

This series is an unabridged documentation of conversations between artists. It’s a series dedicated to breaking down the barriers we tend to set up in our own minds. I want to inspire future creatives to have the courage to explore and experiment. This is about making dreams a reality and not about letting our dreams fall to the wayside.

My intention is to give my audience a sense of real human connection, something that feels rich and organic.

When I was thinking of a title I thought of the word “movement”.

In relation to the Renaissance period in art, my goal for this program is to signify a rebirth of consciousness towards the way we look at contemporary art."

- Yoshino