AD 120 | Sergio Barrale
“Energy, Electricity, And The Mentality Of Perhaps”

Sergio Barrale has been featured in vol. 41 of Hi-Fructose Magazine, Juxtapoz, American Art Collector, SuperSonic and WhiteHot Magazine. Each one of Sergio's massive drawings clocks 250 hours & grind down close to 500 pencils. In the past two years he has had 17 exhibitions across America including the Mesa Contemporary Museum of Art & Honolulu Museum School of Art.

World renowned art critic Donald Kuspit writes : In Sergio Barrale’s Skull Spiral, 2016, in effect a doubled skull or two skulls in one, the death latent in life—the skull hidden in the head—confronts us. That’s clearly a physiognomy to remember, not to say unforgettable. One might say the memento mori is the ultimately expressive object. In his When Sleeping Things Wake, 2016—a work worthy of Goya and Redon—we are entirely in the realm of the unconscious ... The insidious blending of light and shadow—the shadowy light, the luminous shadow—confirms its hellish hold on us, suggesting that there is no way back to consciousness, as Le Brun and Lavater thought when they gave its irrational passions rational form. " (WM).

Sergio's current series of work focuses on light & color and the commonality between us all. Barrale hopes to help people envision a clear 2020 for the future, fully in support of Life continuing on Earth.

“The artist’s task is to save the soul of mankind; and anything less is a dithering while Rome burns. Because of the artists, who are self-selected, for being able to journey into the Other, if the artists cannot find the way, then the way cannot be found.” -Terence McKenna.

Show Notes: 
  • Kindred spirits
  • Psilocybin and the effects it has on the mind and body
  • The mentality of "perhaps"
  • Rerouting neural pathways of the brain through mantras and affirmations
  • Cognitive reframing / restructuring
  • Practicing forgiveness for yourself and for those who have wronged you
  • Philosophy of electricity in terms of soul
  • The book, “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz
  • Exercise as a means of emotional coping
  • Overpopulation and finding solutions for the future of humanity
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Other resources mentioned: “Extreme Ownership” by Jocko Willink, Joe Rogan podcast, “Leaving Neverland” documentary on Michael Jackson, author David Goggins, “Siddhartha” by Hermann Hesse, Theodore Gericault's painting “The Raft of the Medusa”

Posted 05.31.2019


"I started this series as a means for exploration, an exploration of self, and an exploration of the perspectives of other artists.

This series is an unabridged documentation of conversations between artists. It’s a series dedicated to breaking down the barriers we tend to set up in our own minds. I want to inspire future creatives to have the courage to explore and experiment. This is about making dreams a reality and not about letting our dreams fall to the wayside.

My intention is to give my audience a sense of real human connection, something that feels rich and organic.

When I was thinking of a title I thought of the word “movement”.

In relation to the Renaissance period in art, my goal for this program is to signify a rebirth of consciousness towards the way we look at contemporary art."

- Yoshino