AD 170 | Anna Park
“Clusters of People Shapeshifting Into One”

Anna Park is a contemporary artist based in New York City, creating pieces that blur the lines between figurative and abstract work. 

Creating a dazed, yet emotional experience, Anna’s central content revolves around larger bodies of people within social settings while provoking a vaporous and ethereal sensation.  

Her most recent work takes on a new form, having a larger, tangled, and fragmented abstraction that envelops the viewer as the cacophony of black and white charcoal reveals intimate messages relating to society and the people we interact with.

Show Notes:
  • The inspiration behind her most recent work describing them as an “amalgamation of people”
  • The desire for “the viewer can become the voyager”
  • Anna feeling that the inspiration for her new body of work can be attributed to her living in New York City
  • The dynamic of paintings feeling nostalgic and how our subconscious draws from past memories without truly knowing why
  • Work and life during the quarantine
  • The dynamic of creating art in a self-fulfilling way vs creating art specifically for other people
  • Anna’s upbringing moving from multiple states and her interactions with her mentor, Bruce Roberson, and how he “taught her everything” and how it solidified Anna’s desire to be an artist
  • Gratitude surrounding Anna’s move to New York
  • Submergence within different cultures
  • Community
  • Power structures and how toxic masculinity has permeated the world and made it difficult to empathize and move past our hierarchical viewpoints

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Posted 07.22.2020


"I started this series as a means for exploration, an exploration of self, and an exploration of the perspectives of other artists.

This series is an unabridged documentation of conversations between artists. It’s a series dedicated to breaking down the barriers we tend to set up in our own minds. I want to inspire future creatives to have the courage to explore and experiment. This is about making dreams a reality and not about letting our dreams fall to the wayside.

My intention is to give my audience a sense of real human connection, something that feels rich and organic.

When I was thinking of a title I thought of the word “movement”.

In relation to the Renaissance period in art, my goal for this program is to signify a rebirth of consciousness towards the way we look at contemporary art."

- Yoshino